Western Digital launches its 22TB CMR hard drives in India

-Western Digital has announced that it is shipping its new Ultrastar DC HC570 22TB CMR HDDs in India.

-The 22TB Ultrastar DC HC570 HDDs are now available with the company's national distributors, Rashi Peripherals and Tech Data India.

-As per Western Digital, the new 22TB CMR drive architecture extends capacity gains on proven ePMR technology and leverages industry-first technologies to deliver areal-density leadership on a mature 2.2TB/platter with ten disks.

-The hard drives also come with ArmorCache technology, a feature uniquely enabled by OptiNAND that combines the performance of write cache enabled (WCE) mode and the data protection of write cache disabled (WCD) mode.

-When operating in WCE mode, ArmorCache ensures that the DRAM cache will be safely written in the event of an emergency power off (EPO) and no data is lost, claimed WD. When operating in WCD mode, the drive will ensure that all user data in DRAM is safely written upon EPO, and the drive will operate with WCE-equivalent performance. Performance and data protection are now identical across both WCE and WCD modes,