Over 70% of our leadership comes from within the company ecosystem: Amy Hanlon Rodemich, Chief People Officer, GlobalLogic

- GlobalLogic has 13,000-plus employees in India

- The company has design studios and engineering centers operate around the world

- By using human-centered design practices, engineering skills, and agile delivery the company claims to help customers re-imagine their business, consumer interactions, and develop innovative products and services

- 58 per cent of GlobalLogic employees are undergoing learning and upskilling

- Today, Digital Engineers are the most in demand IT professionals who are shaping the future of business and technology across all industries

- We have launched a new and unique career accelerator program that enables early-career engineers to rapidly acquire the skills and the certification to become a 'job-ready' Digital Engineer

- As digital transformation has moved from just a priority to an existential need, the market needs to employ talent that can service the increasing demand of companies that need to stay ahead of the digital curve and thrive in a new world order

- We continue to build initiatives through inclusive decision making in the organization, we empower our employees to participate in developing policies suited to them, and also drive efforts on career development, rotational opportunities, and even global opportunities

- Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) supports the employees to meet life's challenges while maintaining the