How Microsoft is planning to make it easier for Teams users to find a specific chat message or thread

- Microsoft is planning to make its video conferencing platform -- Teams -- more intuitive and helpful for users across the world with this latest update.

- The tech giant has confirmed that the new update will make it much easier for Microsoft Teams users to find a specific chat message or thread on the platform.

- Once released, the new search tool will be available for all Microsoft Teams users across Mac and desktop platforms.

- The new update is still listed as being under development on Microsoft's official 365 roadmap website. However, the site also mentions that the upcoming Teams update will be made available for general users within October.

- This means that users don't have to wait too long for the arrival of this feature.

- Currently, when users search for a specific message in Microsoft Teams, the platform shows them a single text from the conversation thread.

- However, this new update claims to take users to a different view that will contain the full conversation thread which includes the searched message.

- Microsoft has even explained that this move will reduce the possibility of misunderstandings and confusion.