How Twitter Will Change as a Private Company?

In 2013, the social media startup went public. But as part of his acquisition of the company, Elon Musk is taking it private.

Mr. Dell was questioned by Mr. Musk, who was attempting to take Tesla, his electric vehicle firm, private.

In 2013, he had conducted exactly that same type of research regarding the procedure and the top attorneys to use for the challenging transaction with his self-named computer corporation.

I genuinely wanted to know if he thought keeping to oneself was a good thing. In a deposition, Mr. Musk recalled the Tesla initiative. Did he feel bad for going private?

According to court documents, Mr. Dell told Mr. Musk that it was "a really challenging procedure" but that he was delighted to have completed it.

Mr. Musk is currently doing this via Twitter after failing to take Tesla private.

He is delisting the company's stock from the stock exchange and removing it from the control of the public shareholders as part of his $44 billion.

Privately held businesses are exempt from the requirement to publicly disclose their performance on a quarterly basis, unlike publicly traded corporations.