Taylor Swift Shares Glimpse Into Week After ‘Midnights’ Album Release

Following the release of her album Midnights, Taylor Swift has a full schedule scheduled.

Since she made the announcement at her VMA victory speech on August 28, 2022, the singer has been aggressively promoting her new studio album.

Swift has released several retail items, offered teases, and hidden a number of easter eggs. 

The singer has now hinted at potential release dates for the music videos as the fans get ready for the premiere.

The Red singer provided a small insight into her hectic schedule, which included TV appearances on both sides of the Atlantic, music video drops, teases, and more in a new video she shared to her social media accounts.

"Secure your calendars! Taylor's most recent piece, "Meet the Midnights Manifest," provided a glimpse inside a week in her life.

The release of the music video for the third song, Anti-Hero, was an exciting news that attracted the attention of many fans.

The calendar in the movie depicts Swift's jam-packed week, which begins on Thursday, October 20th.