Russia Has Cut Off Gas Supplies To Europe Indefinitely

Russia asserts that the West's punishing economic sanctions are to blame for the permanent suspension of gas shipments through Europe's main pipeline.

The Kremlin is trying to pressure Europe to ease the economic sanctions so that Moscow can reopen the taps in time for winter, and this is the clearest sign yet that it is doing so.

According to experts at energy consultancy Rystad Energy, "this recent action has greatly increased the danger that Europe may not get further gas flows through Nord Stream 1 for the whole winter."

With natural gas supplies from Russia becoming variable and unreliable even before the war of Ukraine started, Europe has been plunged into its worst energy crisis in decades.

The very sanctions that impede unit maintenance, restrict people from migrating without the proper legal protections, prevent these protections from being provided, and so on.

The sanctions that the Western powers have implemented are precisely what have led to the current state of affairs, Peskov continued.

Such remarks, coming directly from the Kremlin, are the most convincing proof yet that Russia is attempting to exert pressure on Europe to relax the economic sanctions.

The 27-nation bloc's main energy provider, Russia, has been charged by European legislators numerous times with weaponizing its energy exports in an effort to raise commodities prices and spread unease.