Phoenix Suns Stock Up/Down Report

The Phoenix Suns are 3-1 through four games while playing one of the most difficult schedules to start the season, while having their typically excellent offensive (7th) and defensive (3rd) ratings.

They went from a narrow victory to a narrow defeat before dominating the Clippers and Warriors by a combined 48 points.

Even though the players are nearly identical, they do look a little different than they did last year along the way.

The percentage of possessions in which a player concluded the team's possession by attempting a field goal, making it to the free throw line, or making a mistake is known as use rate (USG).

Devin Booker, for instance, has by far been the Suns' top USG performer over the past few seasons, with a rate of over 32%.

For additional background, Joel Embiid had the top USG (37.5%), whereas Booker had the ninth-highest USG in the NBA the previous season.

Again, this does not imply that he touched the ball more frequently than most stars. He actually had the 88th-fewest touches per game in the entire league.

Despite being named to the All-NBA First Team, Book had more touches on the basketball last year than 87 other players (nearly three per team, on average).