Musk Floats Paid Twitter Verification, Fires Board

As he starts his first week as Twitter's owner, billionaire Elon Musk is already proposing significant changes to the social media company.

As he starts his first week as the owner of the social media network, billionaire Elon Musk has already proposed significant changes for Twitter and faces significant obstacles.

According to a company filing submitted on Monday with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Twitter's new owner dismissed the board of directors and replaced them with himself as the board's lone member.

Later, Musk claimed on Twitter that the new board structure is "temporary," although he gave no further information.

How much would users be ready to pay for the blue check mark that Twitter has previously used to verify higher-profile accounts.

The mark, which is frequently given to journalists, politicians, businessmen, and celebrities, has been mocked by critics as an exclusive status symbol.

Twitter also employs the blue check mark as an additional weapon to combat misinformation originating from accounts that are impersonating individuals by validating activists.