Microsoft 365 Subscribers Now Have A Premium Video Editor

The Clipchamp video editor, included with Windows 11, offers some basic tools without a fee and more advanced ones behind a barrier.

According to a recent announcement from Microsoft, the cloud storage service OneDrive and the Office application suite are now both included in the Microsoft 365 subscription.

The inclusion of a video editor in the same subscription as Word and Excel may appear a little odd.

Microsoft has recently expanded the subscription to include other productivity tools.

The premium capabilities of Clipchamp, which were previously exclusively accessible with the $11.99/month "Essentials" plan, are now accessible to anybody with a Microsoft 365 subscription.

The free tool already comes with limitless watermark-free exports, filters, effects, and some stock media, just like Windows Movie Maker did twenty years ago.

The subscription edition includes backup features in addition to greater audio, picture, and video assets for use in projects.

The online app for Clipchamp may be loaded on different platforms, and it is available for Windows (it comes preinstalled with Windows 11 22H2).