Lisa Gilroy Has Got A Golden Ticket To Virality

One comic, Lisa Gilroy, an actress, comedian, and television presenter who was born in Canada, has been trending like crazy on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram for the past 24 hours.

Josh Gad, Patton Oswalt, Jenna Fischer, and David Cross have all given it props for her most recent mega-viral Twitter video, which has had close to 15 million views in the past day.

The video, "To my followers: do better," is presented as a tearful plea from an influencer bringing attention to a really bad IRL encounter she had with her fans.

Lisa shares the tale of her open competition where fans may enter to win a day on the set with her.

Numerous blue checkmarks are already retweeting the video, which was a huge hit.

This is great, said Jenna Fischer of The Office, to whom Lisa simply replied, "Thanks Jenna." How frequently this has also happened to you is beyond my comprehension.

Patton Oswalt retweeted the post with the simple remark "this is heartbreaking," while David Cross pleaded with his followers to "please spend 2 minutes to watch, listen, and study."

She is well-known on TikTok for a long list of videos, including "Chili's Birthday Song," which may be the finest video in the platform's history and innumerable duets, imitations, and ripoffs.