Jury Orders Ford To Pay $104.6m In Trade Secrets Case

This week, a federal jury awarded a Texas-based software business almost $105 million in compensation from Ford Motor Co. for contract violations and theft of trade secrets.

Versata Software v. Ford Motor Co. is the name of the case. Eastern District of Michigan District Court, Case No. 15-10628.

It involves a conflict between Ford and Versata about software used in the creation of vehicles that dates back to 2015.

Versata claimed in a lawsuit that Ford had violated trade secret laws by creating its own software based on software that Versata had licenced to Ford.

A jury found on Wednesday that Ford must compensate Versata for damages after the case went to trial.

The jury found that by "misusing and exposing confidential information," Ford had violated its contract with Versata.

Versata did not violate its contract with Ford, but the jury found that Versata did reverse engineer Ford's software for its own commercial use.

The jury also discovered that Ford had stolen three of Versata's trade secrets.