Jana Kramer Says Ex-husband Cheated With More Than 13 Women

The country singer claimed that thinking about not spending Christmas Day with her two children this year made his adultery seem even more 'unfair'.

This week, Jana Kramer claimed that her ex-husband Mike Caussin had cheated on her with over 13 different women over the course of their almost six-year marriage.

In a teaser clip for Wednesday's Facebook Watch programme, "Red Table Talk" co-host Jada Pinkett Smith expressed sympathy, saying, "That has to be incredibly awful."

"The country singer sobbed as she told the co-hosts, "I know we're both in better positions, but I think about this year, my kids won't wake up in my house Christmas Day. That's going to hurt."

She went on, "When it happens, I think, "That's not fair." You also destroyed my dream for my family, which you did. That is unfair."

Months after her divorce, Jana Kramer speaks up about emotional and physical abuse in previous relationships.

"My heart bleeds not being with [her children] today," she posted on Instagram the year before. "I have a feeling whether it's the first Christmas away or the 30th there will always be an aching in the heart."

She and former NFL player Caussin split up about a year after their wedding due to infidelity problems, and the former tight end sought therapy for sex addiction.