Film Review: Dwayne Johnson In New Line/DC’s ‘Black Adam’

It has been a long time coming nearly ten years, to be exact since Dwayne Johnson originally agreed to join the DC world.

But with Black Adam, he has finally made a major splash in the realm of cinematic superpowers.

Compared to any of its comics-based predecessors, this enormous, $200 million sci-fi spectacle probably has a bigger percentage.

This is all excellent given the calibre of the dialogue, but it won't stop the committed fanboys who have been anticipating this film for a very long time.

Regardless of one's opinion of the New Line Cinema/DC movie as a whole, there is no denying that The Rock was cast in this role because, perhaps, he was.

Ten years after his name was initially suggested in connection with Black Adam, even though he would just be playing a villain in the comparatively light-hearted story.

Although highly welcomed, the lighthearted Shazam! was hardly the means Johnson had in mind for bringing his powerful character to life.

He wisely withdrew. Whatever one may think of this Black Adam film as a whole, The Rock always manages to capture and hold your attention. The dude is Johnson.