Everything The Bengals Had To Say After Beating The Saints

(on if the current situation reminded them of college) "When you play in this state, it usually does. The fans go crazy. Coming back and having that experience was absurd. Thankfully, we succeed. For us, it was a wonderful day."

(on how it felt to pass to Ja'Marr Chase for the game-winning touchdown) "He made a fantastic play with that one.

I'll attempt to track down that player when things go difficult, and he'll make plays for us. That man never surprises me."

"When I saw the look, I knew that I was going there," he said, referring to how quickly he decided to throw the last touchdown to Chase. The Saints' defence is excellent—really excellent.

They were difficult to work with all day. Down the stretch, we make a move to win. I have a lot of wonderful recollections, he says of his feelings upon approaching the stadium this morning.

Despite the fact that it was just one game, I have many wonderful memories of this stadium, as well as of its culture and its supporters. It was wonderful to return and experience that enthusiasm once more.

(on sporting LSU's National Championship-winning jersey as he entered the arena for the game) "I desired to honour the Louisianan people. With the jersey that Ja'Marr wore to the national championship game, what better way to do it?"

(During a late-game scramble on third down) "Third down is now. In essence, the game is on the line. I am aware that I have to act.