Electric Flying Car Takes Off For The First Time In Dubai

The first flying vehicle show was recently staged in Dubai, indicating that the future of flying automobiles is closer than you would imagine.

After passing the unique operational risk assessment and receiving a special flying authorization from the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, the electric flying vehicle made its debut in front of the general public (DCAA).

Over 150 people, including representatives from the Chinese Consulate in Dubai, the Dubai International Chamber of Commerce, the DCAA, the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism, the Dubai World Trade Center, and international media, were there to witness this inaugural flight.

On the first day of GITEX at the Dubai World Trade Center, Vice Chairman and President of XPENG, Brian Gu, gave a keynote speech about the X2 and the Future of Mobility.

The public flight was held at Skydive Dubai, which is close to The Palm and offers fantastic airspace conditions and expansive cityscape vistas, making it an absolutely stunning background for the historic trip.

"XPENG X2's public demonstration in Dubai is a key milestone for XPENG AEROHT and the international achievement of flying automobiles," said Brian Gu, vice chairman and president of XPENG.

We chose to have the X2 inaugural public flying event in Dubai since it is known as a "City of Innovation." The flight today is a significant development in XPENG's investigation into future mobility.

The fifth-generation flying vehicle, the XPENG X2, was independently designed and created by XPENG AEROHT, with its headquarters in Guangzhou, China.