CNN anchor ordered to take a ‘personal leave’

Jim Sciutto, the anchor for CNN's Newsroom, has been put on "personal leave" by the network because he has to handle a "personal matter."

Sciutto's latest Newsroom appearance was on Monday. According to reports, the anchor's leave of absence is due to a "severe fall" he suffered in Amsterdam early this year.

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Sciutto and his producer stopped in the Dutch metropolis where the fall took place on their way home after covering

the conflict in Ukraine earlier this year, according to Confider of the Daily Beast. 

Although it was reported that Sciutto had recovered from the event, CNN opened an internal investigation.

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Alongside Poppy Harlow, Sciutto frequently served as the co-anchor of CNN's Newsroom.

He wrote stories for the internet while serving as the network's top national security reporter. On October 3, Sciutto's most recent piece was released.