Can Gary Gensler Solve Every Problem In American Finance?

Gary Gensler is regarded as a financial expert by everybody. The Securities and Exchange Commission (sec) chairman, America's top financial regulator, is viewed by many as meddling and overreaching.

Hissing, "How can it be a security?," is a common response when he is mentioned in the context of the cryptocurrency community.

Other lawmakers have expressed confusion over his objectives, Washington lobbyists have expressed fear, and much of Wall Street is in a panic.

He must believe he is the Avenger because of how wide his objectives are, believing he can "swoop in and cure every financial crisis."

In his limited tenure in office, Mr. Gensler has submitted paperwork to propose or finalise 40 sets of regulations.

Jay Clayton, the Republican incumbent who preceded Mr. Gensler at this stage in his term, had only made a third as many.

Additionally, Mr. Gensler is significantly outperforming Mary Jo White, the Democrat who ran against Mr. Clayton (see chart).

Additionally, he keeps his speechwriter occupied. He has delivered 60 speeches since taking office, which is twice as many as Mr. Clayton was able to deliver throughout his whole term.