Biden’s plan for student loans forgiveness goes live

The "simple," "quick," and "rapid" way for the US president Joe Biden to cancel student loans is available. launched on October 17th. Name, Social Security number, date of birth, and contact information are the only four details the website requires.

For debtors with low to moderate incomes, whose means of subsistence were further compromised by the epidemic, Biden laid forth a plan to cancel up to a sizeable portion of their school debt.

When the website was tested over the weekend, applications arrived and were handled without any issues.

Prior to the US midterm elections next month, Republicans are battling tooth and claw to get the assistance thrown out.

On September 29, the government was sued by six states with a majority of Republicans, including Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, South Carolina, and Arkansas.

The government believes that scammers may phone borrowers and claim to be able to assist with the application procedure in exchange for a fee.

"Stand by. According to Biden, there is never a fee associated with receiving government assistance through the Student Loan Program.