About IF Partners

In order to provide customers like you the assistance they need, Tactical Financial Solutions has joined with Independent Financial Partners (IFP)

To provide the technology, compliance, marketing, business development, and operational support.

IFP wholeheartedly endorses financial professional independence, enabling us to benefit from the various services they provide while prioritising your interests.

To handle even the most complicated demands of our clients, we may make use of their network of financial professionals and subject matter experts from throughout the country.

Based in Tampa, Florida, Independent Financial Partners is a licenced broker-dealer and investment adviser.

Financial professionals are empowered by their firm's independent platform through freedom of choice and a continually expanding technology suite that is created to create better customer experiences.

Based in Tampa, Florida, Independent Financial Partners is a registered investment advisor with the SEC and a soon-to-be broker-dealer.

With the aim of enhancing the client experience, we assist advisers in establishing independent practises and offer them the assistance they require.