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A lot of people who play Old School Runescape are also big fans of the game and want to share their knowledge with others. What better way to do it than on YouTube? Runescape is a game that has a lot to offer, with its insane amount of skills, plethora of content, and a large community of players that has been around for over 15 years. Some of these YouTubers also stream Runescape, and many of them have a very loyal following. So, I’ve decided to share some of the best Runescape YouTube channels with you.

OSRS is one of the popular on-line aggressive area games nowadays that hundreds of thousands of gamers are considering part of their time spends. With this sport, you will have a lot of choices of various to perform and be involved in, and that is the most entertaining factor you can ever locate in an on-line game. So, it is quite vital to have some great channels or youtubers that may support you with all of the guidelines and information you will need to enjoy the game much more. The great thing concerning those on-line channels is they are absolutely free, and you may access them from anywhere in the world.

OSRS has a huge online community. Whether it’s on Reddit, YouTube, or somewhere else, there are plenty of content creators showing off the latest updates, hp’s, or just doing interesting challenges.

Some YouTubers in the community have an excellent reputation among OSRS players.

Personally, I watch a few OSRS YouTubers, partly for entertainment, but also to discover new and exciting teaching methods – or just to get some fun ideas for in-game activities.

Which OSRS YouTube channels are worth checking out?

Let’s dive in and take a look:

10. Link’s Ocarina & Rargh

Watch the LinksOcarina channel

Look at the Rarga channel.

These two Youtubers work together on most of their content, and often challenge each other in PvP battles – with a twist!

They’ve only just hit YouTube, but they’ve already made quite an impression.

YT usually puts some sort of importance on these fights as well.

Often a goal is set that requires a certain number of items/weapons to be obtained through randomly assigned tasks. And then, when each of these players has completed their task, they fight each other to the death!

Both are certainly charismatic and fun to watch.

9. 25 Buttholes

Visit the 25 Buttholes channel

He’s one of those… of those YouTubers.

With a name like 25buttholes, you can imagine the kind of content this guy produces. And if you can’t imagine it, check out his channel.

Most content is made with the voice of Google, and it often pokes fun at serious OSRS problems like fraud or botting.

He’s practically an anti-hero on YouTube.

But beyond that, he’s made some very funny RuneScape music videos that are worth watching.

8. Slayermusiq1

Look Slayermusiq1

Hello and welcome to my guide!

You’ve probably heard these words before if you’ve watched Slayermuiq’s tutorials on YouTube.

This guy is a godsend. He is responsible for most of the quest guides on YouTube. On his channel, there is a guide for each quest where he goes through the quest and explains all the necessary items, requirements and methods to complete each part.

Really, if you need help finding it, start there.

I think most members of the OSRS community have used his tutorials at least once. So if you’re planning on doing Mourning’s End Part II, definitely check it out!

7. Vuks

Check out the Woox channel.

Woox is just… It’s just crazy.

He is the best unofficial player in OSRS because he has done things that most people can’t even imagine.

This guy must also have a supercomputer in his brain, because the things he does are things no one else would ever think of.

He literally helped Jagex develop Theater of Blood, one of the hardest raids in OSRS. And then he became the first player to play solo when they said they couldn’t!

He defeated 6 Jads without using a prayer.

Wooks was the first player to get through Inferno, the game’s toughest challenge, paving the way for others to follow. He really is an extraordinary player.

And his YouTube channel documents his crazy PvP exploits. So if you want to get really excited, I recommend you check out his channel.

He doesn’t post often, but all his work is very interesting.

6. Theoatrix OSRS

Watch the Theoatrix channel

Theoatrix is a fantastic content creator who often gives us updates and adds new content to OSRS.

He personally tests the content and gives us his opinion in the form of videos.

It also has many skill guides for levels 1 to 99, all of which are very useful and relevant. Not to mention that some of his boss guides look good too.

He even talked about a few other topics, such as bone density and nerves. But he’s mostly focused on content that moves players forward.

Just browse through his library and you will find many tips and tricks as you browse through his content. I highly recommend it to new players.

5. Sir Pugger

Check out Sir Pugger’s channel.

Sir Pugger has been concentrating on addressing the problem of bots and gold mining on OSRS for the past few months. He has made numerous videos showing where bots are active and what they do.

He even recently worked with JMods to get some robot farms banned.

All of these videos are very informative and entertaining – especially when he gathers his forces to try and destroy them.

He also talked about exploits and made some videos about hp’ing, and it’s pretty funny to watch.

Personally, I think the video where he pretends to be a gamekeeper is pretty funny and inventive.

If you’re looking for interesting and engaging content, check out his YouTube channel.

4. Sparc Mac

Visit the Mac Sparc Channel

The boys of the tribe know Spark Mack and his antics all too well.

It recently peaked after a very long rut, and there was a big celebration in the community.

He often broadcasts on Twitch and uploads funny videos to YouTube, most of which are just fun for the community.

He’s hosted big pk’ing events, home parties, big drop-off parties, and of course he’s been to the dueling arena once or twice.

Sparc Mac is well known in the community and very wealthy, allowing it to test new hardware and spend money on anything it wants.

His bank is currently worth tens of billions!

And the content of the Deadman mode is also very interesting, so I recommend you try it out if you have the time!

3. C Engineer

See the C engineering channel

C Engineer is definitely one of the most innovative and creative content creators on OSRS.

He began by doing your tasks in the game. You write an assignment about his latest video, and if you’re lucky, he tries to execute it.

Some of them were really funny and extremely interesting!

He was the one who recently started the trend of blocking HCIMs in PvP worlds, then went on a rampage and killed most who followed him.

He also founded a new HCIM based on PvP. We’ll see how long he lasts, as there’s a £2 price on his head (at the time of writing).

Anyway, this guy is a very experienced horsepower guy. And I really like the content.

He also posts regularly, so it’s worth subscribing to his channel.

2. Torvesta

Look at the Torvest chain.

Torvesta is a horsepower man through and through. And also one of the best hp’s in OSRS.

A man with a bird’s nest on his head can switch from one mode to another with ease, making you get up and pay attention faster than you think.

He also has a very laid back personality and some of his funniest lines come from trolling OSRS streamers.

I’ll admit that the videos where he specifically takes on the skills of another hp’er are probably the funniest I’ve ever seen on YouTube.

And Torvesta has created several accounts and tried countless pk’ing methods. In the last few months he has started his own HCIM and even worked on it for a while as a pk’ing.

Overall, the content is entertaining and interesting, and I would definitely check it out and see what you think.

1. Settler

Check the channel.

While most people who compete in the Ultimate Ironman are considered insane, Settled peaked, which is an incredible feat that only a few hundred people are capable of.

But he wasn’t satisfied with that.

So he started the most popular OSRS series on YouTube called Swampletics with Ultimate Ironman.

It was an Iron Man trapped in the region of Moritania to complete the Theatre of Blood.

The series has had a few setbacks, but in the end it’s fun to watch. And the company can’t get enough of them.

He recently resumed his Ultimate Ironman Maximum with a new goal:

To get the rarest and most powerful OSRS items for his Ultimate Ironman, making him one of the only players in the game to have such insane items on Ultimate.

This guy is dedicated and very interesting. If you like old school RuneScape, his channel is definitely worth a look.

This source has been very much helpful in doing our research. Read more about osrs returning player guide 2020 and let us know what you think.

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