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We are all born on one of the twelve Zodiacal signs, which are traditionally astrological age groups (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces). This means that at birth we are assigned a birth date that is one of the twelve signs (we all have different birth dates depending on which sign we were born in). This is the Zodiac Age, and is determined by the birth date we were born into.

One of the most popular astrologers in the world, Dr. Brad Steiger, is now challenging the common understanding of astrological signs in a new book called the Zodiac Age. According to Dr. Steiger, the traditional zodiac signs we know today are outdated and no longer represent modern human beings. The Zodiac Age, which is based on modern scientific research, separates the zodiac into 13 chapters that encompass individuals’ entire lives. The 13 chapters are named after the 13 signs of the zodiac, but Dr. Steiger believes the signs have changed over the years and no longer correspond to the traditional meanings we associate with them.

It’s early but I’m already feeling that spring fever in the air. The late February snowfall has finally melted and the March flowers are blooming. Winter has been a long time in coming for some of us, but spring is finally here and with it comes new beginnings.

A White Mage can be a very versatile profession for your characters.

They are generally considered group healers, but can also do a lot of damage if they are properly equipped.

These rankings obviously focus on the wands for FFXII’s White Mage, but there are also some excellent alternatives in terms of licensing.

Whether you want to make an offensive melee mage or a powerful healer, you’ll find the best options here.

Some of these weapons may surprise you.

6. Power supply bar

Let’s start with the slowest, the power bar.

It is a medium sized weapon with a decent attack of 56 and a spell power of +3.

This weapon has nothing special in terms of condition effects.

But this staff is definitely a solid improvement over the White Mage’s previous weapon up to this point in the game.

A permit is required: Rhodes 3
Directions: Found in the Karydin glacier area in the Paramina Trench. It is also located in Mt. Bur Omisas or Mosforan Hiwast available for 4,950 Gil.

5. Empyrean staff

The slightly more interesting Empyrean stick is the next step after the power stick.

With an attack power of 60, but a lower spell power of +2, this wand has other tricks up its sleeve.

Empyrean Rod has the same license as Power Rod – so they are well comparable.

As you will see, the Von coast is the place to be if you are looking for fish.

A permit is required: Rhodes 3
Directions: Located in the Pore Pore Sands area on the Fon Coast or in the Dream Kingdom of the Ancients area in the Tchita Highlands. It is also available in Arhades or Fon Costa for 6,000 gil.

4. Platinum Dagger

Wait, white mages can use daggers?


However, you must unlock Famfrit before you can access the license table.

The Platinum Dagger is a very good choice for a White Mage on offense. It has a huge attack probability (compared to most wands) of 83 and a combo rate of 12%.

There is no magical power to it.

But if you use white mages, don’t forget this weapon.

She also has a 10% chance of being immobilized if she is hit.

A permit is required: Daggers 5
How to get there: Located in the Fringe of Reason area of Faywood. It is also available at the port of Balfonheim for 13,700 gil.

3. Holy rod

This is the best attack staff for a white mage in all of FF12.

The holy staff has a moderate attack power of 63 and a spell power of +4.

At first glance, it seems that the power of the attack is not too great. But this staff also has the Holy effect, which deals even more damage to your enemies.

The combination of high attack power and holy damage can be particularly powerful against many of the game’s enemies and bosses (especially the undead).

Remember, switching weapons can be very effective depending on the situation.

Carry this staff with you until it is necessary to inflict holy damage on enemies, and it can change the entire course of the game.

For the magically gifted offensive white mage, the holy staff is definitely the best choice.

A permit is required: Rods 4
How to get there: Found in the area of the old Elanis road in the Serobi steppe. It is also found in the Bhrum Pis Awaa region of the Great Crystal.

2. Save the Queen

Fans of the Final Fantasy series will immediately see parallels in this weapon, as it has appeared in many FF games.

And with good reason!

Big Sword Save the Queen is an awesome two-handed weapon with an attack power of 92 and an evasion skill of 20.

It also has a good combination rate of 8%.

To get a license board, you either have to unlock Chaos or do some weird cross planning with a +310 HP license order.

It is a very interesting offensive weapon for white mages.

It certainly deserves its place as the most powerful sword a White Mage can use.

A permit is required: Greatswords 2
How to get there: Found in the Coliseum in the Ridoran Cataract. Can also be purchased at the port of Balfonheim for 16,000 gil after obtaining the contract blade. The bazaar system distinguishes this weapon as a weakened gray sword.

1. Staff of Faith

To be fair, the white mage has always been most useful as a healer.

And what good is the best healer if he doesn’t have the best Evalis healing staff?

The stick of faith gets its name from the faith effect it has on the party.

Since the healer uses the Faith spell anyway, this weapon becomes even more powerful to buy time for that spell.

With a low attack of 21 and a modest magic power of +6, the Faith Staff is not ideal for attacking enemies.

However, you will still want to use it for treatment.

The combination of great magical power and a free faith spell can be very powerful for any group.

It should be noted that these weapons are not the easiest to obtain in the game. But it’s definitely worth it if you’re looking for the most powerful white mage healer staff.

A permit is required: Staff of Faith
How to get there: It is located in the terrace area of the Serobi steppe. Also bought as a reward for hunting the hippo king.This month we’re sharing a controversial topic – the Zodiac Age. The Zodiac Age is a new theory that identifies the age the Zodiac specific signs start appearing, and that they cycle through a 13-year cycle. There are several individuals who have spoken about this idea, and we’re going to take a look at what we can take away from an age that is so widely debated.. Read more about final fantasy xii the zodiac age review and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Final Fantasy 12 zodiac age a remake?

No, Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age is a remaster of the original game.

Is Zodiac age turn based?

No, Zodiac age is real time.

Should I play FF XII?

If you want to play a game that has a lot of story, then I would say no. If you want to play a game that has a lot of gameplay, then I would say yes.

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