Shroud of the Avatar adds young fish, expands The Rise, and opens the Obsidian Panopticon

Richard Garriott’s Shroud of the Avatar is one of the most ambitious crowdfunded games of all time: alongside the main game’s story-driven content updates (like the recent “Obsidian Trials”), the game has a monthly schedule of community-run events, raising the question of how this is all going to be managed. (Spoiler: the answer is: we don’t have any idea.) The Portalarium team cited work on the game’s physical rewards as the reason for the delay, but backers should receive their physical goods this summer.

For the latest update to Shroud of the Avatar, “Yew,” players can enjoy a new type of fish, a host of new scenes, and the opening of the new Obsidian Panopticon as part of a new Player Owned Town. The new fish, called the young fish, are available to catch in the waters east of the island of Solace. The new scenes, called The Rise, offer an expansive new area of the game to explore.

In this week’s patch, players went fishing in the Obsidian Ocean, learned the secrets of the Obsidian Library, and got their first look at the barren desert that is Southern Barrens. Meanwhile, the town of Resolute in Owl’s Head got a makeover, and adventurers in the game’s starting areas discovered that more than one path leads to the Oracle.

word-image-11097 It’s been a while since we wrote about what’s going on in Shroud of the Avatar, so let’s take a look at the latest updates for the game. Let’s start with March’s update 88, which added new fish that can be taken out of the water, including several juvenile species, added new food recipes and made adjustments to recipes, and made several changes to combat balance and quests, as is often the case with such updates. Recent updates to version 89 include the addition of the Obsidian Panopticon adventure location, which allows Episode 2 access owners to enter a dangerous prison; a new mystery in the form of a new area to explore; new durability standards for all equipment made; various tweaks to item retrieval; and some user interface changes regarding towns and player residences. Source: official website (1, 2) Longtime MOP readers know that Shroud of the Avatar is a controversial game in the MMO space. The game, which launched in 2013, and its original studio have been criticized for cutting promised features, exaggerating crowdfunding, delaying rewards on Kickstarter, hiding their corporate governance and office status, and ignoring Securities and Exchange Commission documents legally required for crowdfunding the game’s shares. In 2019, Richard Garriot’s company, Portalarium, sold SOTA to its lead developer and essentially withdrew from the game. Questions from the press were met with repeated denials and insults, and crowdfunding investors were abandoned without warning, but the game still has players and is evolving, as we keep telling you. ViewThis week’s big news in the MMORPG world was the opening of the Obsidian Panopticon on the official Shroud of the Avatar website. The Panopticon will display Twitch streams of game activity from the community and provide some new ways to observe other players’ adventures in the world of New Britannia. Any player with an account can start their own stream and share their gameplay with the community. The Panopticon is currently in the early stages of development and may not look pretty just yet, but we’re all in it together and we want to see what you can do in Shroud of the Avatar!. Read more about shroud mmo and let us know what you think.

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