How to fix iPhone camera not working?

If you have an iPhone, you’ll know that one of its most useful features is the camera. Whether it’s for capturing the magic of a once in a lifetime experience or simply a selfie on a night out, you’ll want to use your camera as much as possible. But, as anyone who has ever owned an iPhone will know, the camera can be temperamental, leading to both frustrating and hilarious situations. One of the most common iPhone camera problems is the camera simply not working . Fortunately, there are a few easy fixes you can try before you give into the inevitable and order a new phone.

The main parts that make up the camera in iPhone are the auto-focus module, the image sensor, the image signal processor, flash, the lens and a cover glass. So the first thing that will help you is to make sure these parts are working properly. If one of them is not working, the camera app will not be able to function properly and hence the iPhone camera not working.

The camera on the iPhone is one of the most important features that have made the device such a huge success. So, if your iPhone is giving you trouble when it comes to capturing a great shot, you can’t help but be frustrated. Luckily, there are a couple of things you can try that will hopefully get things working again.

Apple devices are known for their impeccable performance and reliability. But even the proper functioning of iOS devices can sometimes have hardware or software problems. In this article, we will discuss some troubleshooting tips that can help you when your iPhone’s camera is not working as it should. Also read : How do I change the hotspot name on my iPhone? There are several common problems that can occur when using the iPhone camera. You may see black screens, blurry images and images without orientation. Here are some things you can do about it.

Restarting the phone

Restarting the phone can solve many seemingly random problems. This should always be the first item on your troubleshooting list, regardless of the device you are troubleshooting.

Check the camera for obstructions

See if there’s anything blocking your camera. It could be an ill-fitting camera housing, a piece of film, an accessory or just dirt and debris on the lens itself. word-image-9219

Are you near a magnet?

Bringing your phone’s camera near magnets can interfere with the iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone X or newer iPhone models’ image stabilization, causing blurry photos. Remove any metal or magnetic covers or accessories from the camera you are using.

Use the official camera application

Another important point: If you’re using a third-party camera app and you get a black screen or the camera doesn’t work as it should, try using the official iPhone camera app to see if it works properly. word-image-9220 Also read : How can I prevent Apple Music from playing automatically?

Checking the AE/AF lock

Auto exposure and auto focus, called AE and AF respectively in the iPhone Camera app, are important tools for getting the right photos with minimal effort. However, sometimes these settings are set to a specific point in the image, which can result in blurred or over/under exposed photos. To solve this problem, when you see the AE/AF lock icon on the camera screen, tap another corner of the image (preferably on the subject) and the camera application will do the rest.

Check both cameras

If you get a black screen or blurry images on one camera, try switching to other cameras on your phone to see if the problem is related to a specific lens. If you don’t have multiple rear cameras, switch to the front camera (or vice versa) to see if your phone’s other camera works.

Keeping hands straight

The final reason for blurred images is camera shake. Try pressing the volume buttons to take pictures, as they are often easier to reach than the screen unlock button. Try not to make any noise when taking pictures, especially at night when the shutter needs to stay open longer. Also read : How can I avoid Apple’s porn virus alerts? If your iPhone flash is not working or does not seem to be working, you can try several solutions. First, verify that the flash itself is working by activating it in Control Center. Also, check the flash settings in the iPhone camera app and make sure they are set to On or Automatic. Please also note that the flash cannot be used for panoramic or time-lapse photography. Finally, pay attention to how long you use the flash and your surroundings. Using the flash generates a lot of heat, and if your iPhone gets too hot, the flash will temporarily shut off. Also read : How do I remove apps from my Apple Watch? If your problems don’t fit into the categories above, you might find them here.

If the camera application is missing or keeps crashing

If you can’t see the camera app or if the app crashes after a short use, the screen time limit setting may be the cause. word-image-9221

  • Go to Settings and tap Screen time.
  • Printing Always Allowed
  • Tap the Camera application and verify that it is in the Allowed applications section.

If your pictures are not properly aligned

The orientation of the pictures taken matched the orientation of the phone at the time the picture was taken. To avoid this, you can disable the rotation lock in the control panel or take a moment to check the icons in the camera app before taking a picture. Make sure the icons match your orientation and the photo you took. word-image-9222 If you’ve already taken a photo, you can always use iOS’ built-in photo editor or a third-party editor like Snapseed, Lightroom, or Photoshop to rotate photos to your liking. Also read : How do I turn off the digital crown on my Apple Watch?

selfies with front camera are reflected

That’s how the iPhone’s front camera works, and it’s no mistake. The camera should look like a mirror when you take the picture, but when you press the shutter button, the picture is automatically reflected so it looks like someone took it for you.

Try updating your iPhone

In most cases, Apple releases a patch as soon as possible when a software bug occurs. If you think there is a software issue on your phone and the camera app is not working, try updating your iPhone (if there are updates) and that should fix the problem.

Reset all settings

Another thing you can try is to reset all the settings on your iPhone. This will not erase your data, but will reset all settings to their default values. word-image-9223

  • Go to iOS Settings and tap General.
  • Press the Reset button.
  • Tap Reset all settings.

Wait for the reset to complete and try using the Camera application again. If that doesn’t work, try doing a full factory reset to see if that helps.

Contacting Apple Support

A hardware or software problem may have occurred beyond your control. In this case, it is best to contact Apple and have the phone repaired by a professional. Keep in mind that you may have to pay for repairs if your phone is no longer under warranty. Also read : How do I delete a workout on my Apple Watch? word-image-9224 Someone who writes, edits, films, presents technology programs and races virtual machines in their spare time. You can contact Yadullah at [email protected] or follow him on Instagram or Twitter.So you just got a brand new iPhone, and now the camera isn’t working. Do you have to buy a new one? Or is there something that you can do to get it working again? In this post, we’ll give you some quick fixes to get your camera working again. P.S. : We recommend you to also fix your iPhone screen not working OR iPhone screen not turning on.. Read more about front camera not working iphone 7 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the camera on my iPhone Black?

I have an iPhone and all of a sudden my camera stopped working so I had to go into settings to see what was wrong and it said my camera was black and I was like what does that mean? So I go on this website and it says that it is probably a camera error and to type this code in *3001#12345#* and I did it and it said that my camera was grey so I was like what does this mean and I typed in *#878*543#* and it said camera color was grey and I was like I don’t know what to do so I typed in *#*#4636#*#* and it said camera is black and I was like oh thank god! The camera on my iPhone is black and I can’t see anything. I bought my phone three months ago and I don’t use it that often. I couldn’t understand at first how this could happen. To fix the issue I had to set up the phone as new. Problem solved.

How do I fix my iPhone camera?

The iPhone’s camera is one of the main reasons to buy an iPhone in the first place, but if the camera doesn’t work, the phone is basically worthless. Fortunately, there are some things you can try to fix a broken iPhone camera, and it doesn’t involve buying an entirely new phone. For instance, if your camera has trouble focusing, you might want to adjust the focus manually. The iPhone’s camera includes a feature called “tap to focus” that lets you adjust the focus of the camera without using the iPhone’s volume buttons. You can also try adjusting the camera‚Äôs exposure, which is the way the camera adjusts how much light is available. When your iPhone camera stops operating, it can be a frustrating experience since you are stuck with having to use the default camera app in iOS. However, it is not always the best app to use. It may also not be entirely broken and just need a little attention to get it working again. There are a few things you can try to get your iPhone camera working again.

How do I make my camera work again?

Have you ever had the problem where your camera wouldn’t work? Your iPhone or Android camera app freezes, closes or even refuses to start? If you had this problem, you probably know how annoying it is: it is almost impossible to take a decent selfie if your phone camera won’t work! This is also true for the camera in your tablet or laptop. (Even if you have a standalone camera, you might still be interested in this article, as it will help you when you want to share your pictures online.) The iPhone camera is one of the most important features of your phone, so when it stops working it’s hard to know whether it can be fixed. Luckily, if you’ve had any kind of camera problem in the past, there’s a good chance you’ll have the solution in your back pocket. Panorama, camera, and FaceTime issues are among the most common problems. Follow these tips to get your camera working again.

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