Easiest Way To Search Audio Transcripts Of A YouTube Video To Find Which Part You Want To Watch

We’ve all grown up with the idea that YouTube is the best way to find audio from a YouTube video. That is, until the world of video streaming and transcoding ruined it for everyone. The good news is that YouTube has returned to its roots and is more than just a place to find a video and its audio equivalent. With the latest YouTube desktop app, it is now possible to search a video and find all of its audio segments. The bad news is that it’s not all that easy to use the app, and even the most simple interface and search functions are often not what most people expect or need.

One of the best ways to get a YouTube video’s transcript is to use YouTube’s own search function. It’s localized in your language, while the results are presented in a clean and easy-to-read format.

This is a new feature on the site that I wanted to try out. It was inspired by the poor search capabilities of Soundcloud when it came to finding the right clip. I ran into this problem when I was watching a video of a friend, and I wanted to see what part of the song he was singing. In order to do that, I had to go through the length of the video, and then manually click on the part I wanted to hear again. While I was at it, I figured I’d type up a little tutorial for myself, in case I ever need to do this again myself.

The time when people recorded directly what they saw and heard is slowly disappearing. Tasks that used to be tedious and time-consuming are now being taken over by machines as solutions become more intelligent. It’s clear that baby boomers and millennials are struggling to keep up, while Generation Z is entering the age of advanced technology with ease. Nevertheless, everyone has the right to make life easier for themselves. In addition to generational differences, this tool uses the transcription feature to help you discover specific parts of YouTube videos. Here you will find everything you need to know.

Searching YouTube transcripts to find parts of a video

In research or summaries, it is essential to check the source. If they are YouTube videos, you can use the transcription function to quote them. YouTube has developed this tool so that users can search the transcript by keyword to find the desired video segment. The same was covered in the training manual, which was added in the next point. The transcription function allows the user to view the full video script. The user can copy the desired fragment transcript or, if they know the key lines/words, perform a general search using the timestamps to find the content.

Accessing and searching the decryption function

It is recommended that you use a computer browser to access the Transcript feature. Although the transcription feature is available on a smartphone, it can be a bit cumbersome because it must be accessed through the phone’s browser. The transcription function can be called up as follows.

On computer

Open the YouTube video you want to decode. Find the horizontal menu with the three dots under the video player and click on it. Select Open Transcript from the menu that appears. word-image-1515 The transcription window opens on the right. word-image-1516 Now press Ctrl+F for Windows users and Command+F for Macbook users. Enter the desired search term/dialog into the search bar, which now appears directly below the address bar. word-image-1517 The keyword is highlighted in the transcription area. word-image-1518

By telephone

Access to a transcript is similar to access to a computer. In the Youtube application, however, you cannot use the transcription function. To access the decode function, open the URL of the video with the Youtube site in your phone’s browser. So open a browser like Chrome and open the YouTube video. Now use the method described above to find the video transcript.

Removing time stamps from a statement

If you need to copy and paste words from a transcript, remove the timestamp. Here’s how to do it. Select the Change timestamp option from the vertical three-point menu that appears in the Transcript pane. word-image-1519 The timestamps are hidden and you can copy and paste the transcript. word-image-1520

Copy and paste a statement

Youtube does not have a dedicated feature that allows users to download the full transcript. It is also not possible to copy all or part of a copy. Copying and pasting text is only possible with a mouse with scroll function. Select the text with the mouse and navigate to the part of the transcript you want to copy. Then press Ctrl+C simultaneously. word-image-1521 Open Notepad or Word and paste the text into it. When you are finished copying and pasting, save the document. word-image-1522 That’s all you need to know about the transcription feature. We hope you found this article useful. Take care of yourself and stay safe!This is a list of the most popular and the most used videos on YouTube these days, which you can easily find out by searching for them. YouTube videos usually contain a transcript, which can be used to seek the part you want to watch and time in which it starts. In order to get such transcripts, you need to know how to find them. If you don’t, you still can watch them anyway.. Read more about how to search words in youtube transcript and let us know what you think.

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