Can’t remove the printer in Windows 10

Last week, I decided to upgrade my home PC to Windows 10, but I ran into several issues when trying to remove a printer from my Windows 10 PC. First, the Windows 10 installation process apparently does not remove the printer on Windows 8.1, so every time I tried to remove the printer, I would keep getting the following error: “The printer has been removed from the printer list. The printer should now appear in the list of printers in the Devices and Printers control panel.”

You’ve just installed a new printer and you’re excited to use it, but the drivers didn’t install correctly and you can’t find the right way to get rid of it. The problem is that Windows 10 doesn’t have an easy way to delete printers. Instead, you need to uninstall the printer one by one, which can be tedious and frustrating.

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Updated: July 9, 2021

Published: June 2020

  • If you can’t remove your printer in Windows 10, it’s frustrating because you won’t be able to update it and fix other problems.
  • An effective solution is to remove the printer from the registry with a special tool.
  • Uninstalling the printer software can also help remove the printer from the system.
  • You may also consider uninstalling the drivers and installing new ones with special third-party software.

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We often use printers to print important documents, but sometimes problems occur with printers.

Resolving printer issues sometimes requires removing the printer, but users report that they cannot remove the printer in Windows 10.

What should I do if I cannot uninstall my printer in Windows 10?

1. Remove the printer

1.1 Changing the print server properties

  1. Press the Windows key + S and go to the Control Panel. Select Control Panel from the results.

  1. Select the devices and printers.

  1. When the Devices and Printers window appears, select a printer and click Print Server Properties.

  1. The Print Server Properties window opens. Click the Drivers tab, select the printer you want to delete, and then click Delete.
  2. Select the Remove driver and driver package option.

  1. After removing the printer, click Apply and OK to save the changes.

Users have reported that they cannot remove their printer in Windows 10. If you are experiencing the same problem, you may be able to resolve it by removing the printer driver from the print server properties window.

1.2 Uninstalling the printer software

  1. Press the Start button and select Settings.
  2. Select applications.

  1. Find the printer software and remove it from the computer.

1.3 Stopping the Print Spooler service

  1. Press Windows key + R and type services.msc. Press Enter or OK.

  1. Locate the Printer Spooler service, right click on it and select Stop from the menu.

  1. Navigate to the following folder (you must have administrator rights to access): C:WindowsSystem32spoolPrinter
  2. Delete everything in the Printers folder.
  3. Return to the Services window, locate the Print Spooler service, right click on it and select Start.

If you cannot remove the printer using the method in steps 1.1 and 1.2, you must first stop the Print Spooler service. Follow the steps described above to do this.

After the Spooler service restarts, try removing the printer in the print server properties window.

Be aware that problems may occur if your printer is shared with other computers on the network. Therefore, be sure to stop sharing your printer and remove printer associations.

If you’re having trouble uninstalling your printer, check out our list of the best driver uninstaller utilities you can get right now.

2. Editing the register

  1. Press Windows key + R and type regedit. Press Enter or OK.

  1. When the registry editor opens, go to the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlPrinters
  2. Expand the Printer button and locate your printer.
  3. Right click on it and select Delete from the menu. Be careful not to delete any other keys in the registry.

  1. Restart the computer after removing the printer key.

If you cannot remove the printer in Windows 10, you may need to change some values in the registry.

Changing the registry can cause problems on your computer. So it’s a good idea to back up your registry just in case.

After restarting your computer, go to the Devices and Printers window, locate your printer, and remove it.

If you have problems with the built-in Windows registry editor, you can try many other registry editors.

3. Cancel all print jobs

Sometimes you cannot delete a printer because it has active print jobs.

Before uninstalling your printer, go to Devices and Printers, locate your printer, right-click on it, and select View What Prints.

Be sure to remove all entries from the print queue. After you have deleted all print jobs, you can easily uninstall your printer.

If devices and printers won’t open in Windows 10, we have a great guide to help you solve the problem.

4. Removing the printer with Print Control

  1. Press the Windows key + S and go to print control. From the Print menu, select Manage.

  1. When the Manage Prints window opens, go to Custom Filters and select All Printers.
  2. Find the printer you want to delete, right-click on it, and select Delete from the menu.

If you can’t remove a particular printer in Windows 10, try using the print management utility to remove the printer, users said.

5. Remove hidden printers from the Device Manager

  1. Press the Windows key + X to display the main user menu.
  2. Select Device Manager from the list.

  1. When the Device Manager opens, select View, and then Show Hidden Devices.

  1. Remove your printer from print queues and printers.
  2. Then restart the computer.

Sometimes hidden devices can cause problems with printers, so you should remove them. Follow the steps described above to do this.

6. Delete driver data in register

  1. Press Windows key + S, type cmd, and then click Run as Administrator to run Command Prompt as an administrator.
  2. When the command line opens, type net stop spooler and press Enter.

  1. Start the registry editor. For more information, see solution 1.
  2. Go to the next button in the left pane: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlPrintEnvironmentsWindows NT x86DriversVersion-4
    • If you are using the 64-bit version of Windows 10, you need to go to the next button: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlPrintEnvironmentsWindows x64DriversVersion-4
  3. Unfold the version 4 key and locate your printer. Right-click on it and select Delete.

  1. Then navigate to the following path in the file explorer: C:WindowsSystem32spooldriversw32x863
  2. Delete all files in this folder. If the folders w32x861 or w32x862 are on your computer, make sure you delete all the files in those folders as well.
    • Note that some printers may have additional folders, so you must find and delete these folders. For example, for HP printers there are B. additional files hphp and Hewlett_Packard.
  3. Remove the .inf files that belong to the remote drivers %windir%inf.
  4. Start the command prompt as administrator and type net start spooler. Press the Enter key to execute the command.

Note that this is a complicated procedure, so be extremely careful when performing it. You must first remove all printers from the computer. Once all printers are removed, follow the steps above.

Note that this is an advanced solution. Therefore, we recommend that you create a system restore point so that you can restore your computer in case of a problem.

If you don’t have access to the registry editor, read this detailed article to solve the problem quickly.

7. Updating Printer Drivers

Run a system check for errors

Press Start Scan to check for Windows problems.

Press Repair Everything to troubleshoot proprietary technology.

Run a PC scan with Restoro Repair Tool to find errors that cause security problems and slowdowns. Once the scan is complete, the recovery process replaces the damaged files with new Windows files and components.

7.1 Manual driver update

  1. Right-click on the Start button and select Device Manager from the list.

  1. Expand the print queues and select your printer.
  2. Right-click on your printer and go to Update Driver.
  3. Follow the instructions to update the printer driver.
  4. Restart your computer.

If none of the above solutions solved the problem, try updating the printer driver to the latest version. Follow the steps described above to do this.

7.2 Automatic driver update

If you don’t want to search for drivers yourself, you can use a tool that does this automatically for you.

The following recommended software will help you update your drivers automatically and smoothly, with minimal effort on your part.

In most cases, the current drivers for your PC’s hardware and peripherals are not properly updated by the system. There are important differences between the generic driver and the manufacturer’s driver. Finding the right driver version for each of your hardware components can be tedious. Therefore, an automatic wizard can help you find the right drivers and update your system every time, and we recommend DriverFix. Here’s how:

  1. Download and install DriverFix.
  2. Start the software.
  3. Wait until all defective drivers are detected.
  4. DriverFix will show you all drivers that have problems and you only need to select the one you want to fix.
  5. Wait until the application has downloaded and installed the latest drivers.
  6. Restart the computer for the changes to take effect.


Make sure the drivers for the components of your PC are working properly without endangering your computer.

Denial: This program must be upgraded from the free version to perform specific actions.

What do I do if I cannot uninstall the printer driver I am using?

1. Delete driver as random user

If you have multiple users on your computer, you may not be able to remove the printer because the driver is in use.

To resolve this issue, log in to any user account that the printer is attached to and remove the device. Then log in with your administrator account and remove the driver package.

2. Close all applications, restart explorer.exe, and remove the driver

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the Task Manager.
  2. When Task Manager opens, click on the Details tab.
  3. On the Details tab, locate the file explorer.exe, right-click on it, and select End Task.

  1. In Task Manager, click File and select Run New Task.

  1. The Create new task window will appear. Type explorer.exe and click OK.

  1. If Explorer restarts, try uninstalling the printer driver.

If the driver cannot be removed, stop the Print Spooler service and try again. Don’t forget to re-enable the Spooler service after removing the driver.

3. Using the Kyoceraremoval tool

If you cannot remove the printer because of the driver you are using, try using the Kyocera Deleter Tool from the Kyocera Download Center.

Users have reported that this utility removes your printer without any problems, but make sure you run it as an administrator because administrator privileges are required to remove the printer.

If you have a Kyocera printer, you may be interested in our comprehensive guide to downloading and using Kyocera printer drivers for Windows 10.

4. Try to remove the printer quickly after restarting the print spooler service

Several users have reported that this problem can be solved by trying to remove the printer after the Print Spooler service has been restarted.

We already explained how to restart this service in one of our previous solutions, so you should take a look at that.

This process requires speed. Therefore, be sure to remove the printer immediately after the print spooler service is restarted.

According to users, you only have a few seconds to remove the printer, so do it as soon as possible. If the pressure washer isn’t working, we have a handy guide to troubleshooting.

5. Disable bi-directional mode support

  1. Open devices and printers.
  2. Find your printer, right-click on it, and select Printer Properties.

  1. When the Properties window opens, click on the Ports tab and uncheck the Enable bi-directional support check box.

  1. Click Apply and OK to save your changes.

Users report that this problem can be solved by disabling two-way support. Follow the steps described above to do this.

6. Set the pressure washer to Manual operation

Users report that this problem can be solved by setting the Spooler service to Manual. To do this, open the Services window, locate the Print Spooler service and double-click it to open its properties.

Set the startup type to Manual and click Apply and OK to save the changes.

Then try removing the printer. If the removal tool mentions Print Spooler Service, go to Services, find Print Spooler Service and run it.

You can then easily remove the printer.

Not being able to delete a printer in Windows 10 can be a big problem, but you can usually solve this issue by restarting the Print Spooler service and trying to delete the printer again.

If that didn’t work, you should try all the other solutions in this article. If any of the problems listed below occur, the solutions listed above also apply:

  • Removing printer drivers in the Windows 10 registry – it is sometimes possible to bypass removal errors by editing the registry. Be careful when making changes here.
  • You can’t remove the printer from Windows 10 – then you are in the right place, because if the default method to remove the printer doesn’t work, this article has many ways to help you.
  • How to remove the printer driver from the registry – users need step-by-step instructions for performing this operation, which we provide in the article.

If you still can’t remove your printer in Windows 10, you may also consider replacing it with a better printer. You can choose one of the best wireless printers from our extensive list.

A PrintNightmare vulnerability has been discovered in the Windows Print Spooler service. To be sure, please read our guide to downloading the KB5004945 update to resolve this issue.

We hope our solutions have helped you solve your printer problems. Leave your comments in the section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I remove printer in Windows 10?

In Windows 10, you cannot remove the printer.

How do I delete a printer that won’t delete?

If the printer won’t delete, you may need to change the printer’s settings.

Why can’t I uninstall my printer?

Printers are not uninstallable.

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