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Agility is a powerful skill to have in Old School RuneScape, especially for lower-levelled players. It allows you to run, jump, climb and search for loot before other players. This article will look at 10 of the best agility shortcuts in Old School RuneScape, focusing on shortcuts to get to places that are out of the way of the main paths, or those which can be used to make quick money.

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a free online game that’s been around since 2007. It’s a style of play that’s been described as ‘retro-social’ and it’s host to an incredibly loyal fan base. But this is also a game that can be extremely clunky to play, which is why many OSRS players have been searching for shortcuts. In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at the shortcuts that can be found in the game’s RuneScape 3 client.

Agility is a skill that is most enjoyed by long-time RuneScape players. It’s the one of the first skills you receive when you sign up for the game and it’s the one that gets you to the end game quicker. However, it’s not the only skill that’s good for you new players. Here are 10 other skills you can spend your agility points on that are vital for your success in the game.

Agility is an important skill to develop because it will help you walk longer with less energy. This skill also has many unlocks that improve the quality of life. One of these updates is for agility shortcuts! They are scattered throughout OSRS and make your life much easier. But which of these shortcuts is the best one to use as soon as possible? Let’s see.

10. Rope to Saradomin Camp

word-image-13464 So you’ve heard of Commander Zilan and now you want to buy an Armadil crossbow or a Saradomin handle? You will then have to go to Saradomin’s lair in the God War dungeon to reach it. You must have a skill level of 70, as you will have to descend two narrow rock passages to reach the camp. If it’s your first time, don’t forget to bring two strings. Once you install the ropes, they stay there forever and make your life much easier. And don’t forget that Saradomi thing to wear or the whole camp will try to kill you! Where to find : This shortcut is in the Gods’ War dungeons, at the entrance to Saradomin’s lair.

9. Al Harid Palace Window

word-image-13465 Many players know that one of the most commonly used teleporters is the Al Harid teleporter, which is on a charged Amulet of Glory, because players want to get to Shanti Pass as quickly as possible. If you use this teleporter, you will be sent to the royal palace of Al Harid, where you normally have to go through the palace to get out, and then walk around to the Shanti passage. If you have at least agility level 70, you can just jump out of the window right in front of the teleportation location! This will save you a lot of time. To pass this place, you must also pass the log of a difficult desert. Where to find : This well located window is in the royal palace of Al Harid.

8. Lava Maze Step

word-image-13466 This is a pretty useful shortcut for those trying to make money with Lava Dragons. This well located jump is just south of Lava Dragon Island. As many of you know, the Lava Dragons are in an area with only one entrance. This makes escape very difficult. And it’s very easy for the PK’er to trick you. The stage is on the south side of the island, and with agility level 74 you can jump to the other side, dodging all the horsepower. In addition, the game log must be completed, which may be useful. Why? Well, because if the pk’er doesn’t have a completed diary, he can’t follow you. then you’re almost guaranteed to escape in time! Where to find : South of Lava Dragon Island, this is a convenient entrance and exit to the island.

7. Avenger’s Lair (complicated)

word-image-13467 Pole vaulting is another shortcut to the wilderness and is the second shortcut in the game in terms of required skills. You need at least 89 points to beat this jump. But it’s an incredibly convenient shortcut, because it takes you out of the Revenants’ main area into a place you can’t go – unless you walk all the way around it! Generally speaking, it’s the best way to get away from the horsepower. There is no way for them to follow you, unless of course they are not high enough. Where to find : In the Caves of the Covenant, you will soon reach the southern area.

6. Taverly Dungeon Tube

word-image-13468 I’m sure you all know the famous chimney at the entrance to the Taverly dungeon. Personally, I reached level 70 agility just to use this awesome shortcut. This shortcut is incredibly useful, as it leads directly to the blue dragons in the dungeon, which normally takes you almost 2 minutes to walk. You can also keep an extra box open in your inventory, as you’ll need the dust key to enter this area if you haven’t unlocked the shortcut. However, a minimum skill level of 70 is required to unlock this path, but it’s worth it! This will allow you to quickly access the black demons and memorize the locked part of the dungeon without having to deal with them. Where to find : Just at the entrance to Taverly’s dungeon, down the stairs.

5. Kalfit Lair Rift Shortcuts

word-image-13469 Here’s a handy shortcut for those who want to challenge the Calfite Queen. You need at least level 86 agility here, so this is one of the hardest sports to unlock in this list. Ultimately, this shortcut shortens the time it takes to get the Kalfite Queen, as you can bypass most of the Kalfite Cave. This is very useful if you visit this pattern multiple times. I would recommend using it in conjunction with the BIQ fee ring for super fast rides. To unlock it, you must also complete the Desert Elite Journal. Where to find : In the Calphite Cave, you’ll see it by the wall connecting the entrance to the Guardians’ area.

4. Karuulm Kerker Tube

word-image-13470 This is another shortcut to the boss, namely the alchemy hydra. And the Alchemical Hydra is very popular – so with this shortcut you can bypass all the baby Hydras in the dungeon. You mostly have to run through them and risk damage, which is a shame because you need every life point for the final boss. But if you reach agility level 88 (or higher), you can enter this tube. This will lead you directly to the front door of the Alchemical Hydra. If you use Rada’s blessings along with this, the replenishment and banking time will be cut in half! Where to find : At the very beginning of the Karuulm dungeon, you can’t miss it.

3. The Taverly Dungeon Strange floor

word-image-13471 Similar to Taverly’s pipe, but this shortcut will take you even deeper into Taverly’s dungeon, specifically the area where the black demons, black dragons, hellhounds and cerberus are located. It’s the fastest way to get into Cerberus without teleporting the Keymaster. However, a skill of at least level 80 is required to use this path. Where to find : Located near the entrance and in the area of the poisonous spider. It’s right after the shortcut to the address tube.

2. Arceus Petrol Mine

word-image-13472 There are actually two very useful shortcuts here: With the first one you can quickly escape from the food mine by going up the slope. This will save you a lot of time because you won’t have to walk all around. Another shortcut is a quick descent from the altar of blood directly into the pit. This shortcut will save you at least 2 minutes of walking, as your walking energy will be depleted by the time you reach the blood altar. Ultimately, these two shortcuts are extremely important if you are serious about runecrafting. For the first shortcut, you must have a skill level of 52 or higher, for the second, a level of 73. Where to find : You’ll find them in and around the Akrues gas mine.

1. Zul – Andra steps

word-image-13473 The last item on this list is the staircase that connects the fairy ring to the Zul-Andra area. Mainly used to reach Zulra, as it is the fastest way to get there outside of the Zul-Andra teleport. If you have a fairy ring in your house and a decorated pool, it’s very easy to raise Zulra because it takes less than a minute to complete the steps. This shortcut is also used to gain quick access to the lair of Tiras, which can be a popular place to find clues. To use this key combination, you must have a skill level of at least 76. But it’s worth it if you plan to grow Zulra for a while. Where to find : You will find the stairs between Zul-Andra and the harbour near the Tira camp.Agility is a skill that will help you reach higher levels of the game. It is important for your lower-level training to make you able to safely train at higher levels, and vice versa for your higher-level training. In addition, agility has the ability to reduce the chance of dying.. Read more about grand exchange agility shortcut and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which agility course is the best in Runescape?

You’ve probably never heard of agility before, but it’s a skill that is very important for people who want to get to the top of the ladder in Runescape. When you’re not training, agility can be used to train your overall speed, agility and strength. Agility is one of the most challenging skills in Runescape, and its fast pace means that most players hit level 10 within 2 months. However, just like any skill, there’s a place for improvement with agility. Players who focus on agility can reach the top of the leaderboards, and it’s one of the fastest ways to make money in Runescape. Today, we’re going to show you the best agility shortcuts on the island of Karamja, for every level from 1-99, and we’ll explain why they are so effective.

How do I increase my agility in Runescape?

Agility is a highly coveted skill in Old School RuneScape , and it’s highly sought after because it helps you level up faster. However, it’s not as simple as just being able to run faster. Agility requires fast hands, fast feet, and quick thinking. You have to know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Agility is a skill that requires a high level of coordination and dexterity. It’s used for making light runs, jumping into high places and climbing up walls. It’s a much weaker skill than strength, and is widely ignored by players.

How many hours does 99 Agility take Osrs?

Agility training in Old School RuneScape can be a long process, especially if you want to make money from it, as every successful agility course requires a high level of skill and training. For example, the tricky shortcut in the “99 Agility Shortcuts” course is located in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves, which requires 99 Agility and a Magic lamp. Even if you have the Magic lamp, the shortcut is quite tricky and would require some luck to complete. This week, I decided to start writing about Old School RuneScape. It’s an amazing game that is still the top choice for many players, and it’s not hard to see why. The combat is fun, there are a ton of items, and the gameplay is very fast paced. I decided to write about how many hours it would take to get 99 Agility if you were to train using the Agility shortcut method.

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