• Ross Dunn

    Ross is the owner and CEO of StepForth Web Marketing Inc, which started in 1997. Ross applies his veteran SEO techniques to small and medium-sized businesses around the world. Ross is also the co-founder of First.Dentist, a digital marketing agency for Dentists. Since StepForth began in 1997 Ross has been providing professional Web Marketing services and helped numerous clients reach their online goals. Ross is a well known professional in the SEO industry and has attended many Search Engine Strategies and SMX conferences. Ross is currently in the midst of marketing a wider net of web properties to assist small businesses gain more visibility and in-turn sales online. These properties include ShelterSEO.com: a relatively new and already very successful arm of StepForth focused 100% on the web marketing of interior designers. His business’s specialties include: SEO, competitor analysis, pay-per-click management, web strategy, social media marketing, and conversion and usability optimization.

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