• Maria Reitan

    With 20 years communications experience, Maria Reitan ignites momentum for some of the nation's biggest brands as principal at TopSail Strategies. While concentrating predominately in the consumer products industry, Maria has experience counseling clients in a wide-range of fields corporate communications, healthcare, financial services, home and garden, hospitality and packaged goods. A former journalist who has managed television newsrooms across the country, Maria knows how reporters think. She media coaches the firm's clients and advises them through a variety of crisis issues. Maria had previously spent fifteen years in television news as an Emmy Award-winning news director, producer, reporter, and writer. She was previously news director at CBS affiliate WCCO-TVin Minneapolis and ABC affiliate WHAS-TV in Louisville, Kentucky. She was managing editor at NBC affiliate WMAQ-TV  in Chicago and senior executive producer at Fox affiliate WSVN-TV  in Miami. She has also worked at television stations in both Carolinas. Her work has garnered multiple news Emmy awards.

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