• Jim Hedger

    Jim Hedger is an organic SEO and digital marketing specialist and has been deeply involved in the online marketing industry since 1998. He is best known as a content writer, frequent conference speaker, search industry commentator, and conference interviewer. Preferring a teamwork approach, Jim strives to inform and train clients, leaving them better equipped to manage their online marketing efforts. Jim co-hosts Webcology, a popular weekly live-to-air broadcast and before that he hosted The Alternative, a show covering any search engine other than Google. Over the past fifteen years, Jim has also been editor in chief of the SiteProNews Network, consultant to dozens of growing technology firms, and head SEO of one of the oldest search marketing firms, Stepforth Web Marketing. During that time, he was a prolific writer with thousands of articles published across dozens of major Internet news websites including isedb.com, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine GuideWebProNews, and SiteProNews .

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