• Wardrobe Consultant Mary Lou Andre

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    Byron White: Welcome, everyone, to the Life Tips radio show. We’re happy to be with a fabulous guest, Mary Lou Andre, a nationally recognized wardrobe consultant, speaker and author. She’s going to talk with us a little bit today about shopping, fashion and some of the other fundamental things that are on our list of things to do around this season of jolly. Without further ado, let’s chime in with Mary Lou Andre whose portfolio and details you can find on Life Tips, if you do a search for Mary Lou Andre. Mary Lou, how are you today? Mary Lou Andre: Good, Byron. How are you? Byron: Fine, thank you. Tell us a little bit about your niche, your company Organization by Design and some of the other illustrious things you’ve done in your career, including some interviews on some national publications and other stuff. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Mary Lou: Great. I started the company about 15 years ago. The company’s name is Organization by Design and our website is DressingWell.com. Boy, the company’s certainly evolved. But when we first started, it was really just working one-on-one and it was mostly women back then. We do work with men today too. But working with people in their homes to really organize what they already had, to help them understand what clothes work for them and which ones don’t, then do some shopping for them. We still do that. I have three full time consultants that work with our private clients.

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