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    Byron White: Welcome to Life Tips radio show everyone. Our first broadcast in cyberspace, happy to have you on board here. Let's get right to if given 30 minutes that's allocated for today's show. Let me first introduce Melanie Mayer, my co-host this week and Editor of Life Tips. Melanie, how are you? Melanie Nayer: Great, Byron. How are you? Byron: Okay. Let's get to it. Let me sort of give me a quick topographical overview of what we plan this week and on the show and get the people into the routine here. Melanie's role in Life Tips and on the show, besides entertaining us all whether tenacious wordsmith attitude is backed with ten years of editorial experienced, is to bring on news celebrity authors to Life Tips and to the show each week. We hope these celebrities will offer a few tips and hence promise to make your life smarter, better, wiser and more fun. Following Melanie's interview, we'll take a break and I’ll chime in and offer the webmaster's perspective for that topic and try to dig in to some of the topics that have adequate appeal to webmasters on webmarketers. At the end of each show, we're going to hope to offer one indisputable, essential, critical Life Tip that will change your life under and/or your web marketing life forever. So, that's a big goal we have there, but I think we can do it week after week. Today's tip topic is going to be about, “Big beef and length strategy.” I'll let your minds spin on what that could be about. Without further ado, with much ado about nothing for the Shakespearian fans, over to you, Mel for today's topic and celebrity author introduction. Go ahead, Mel.

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