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    Melanie Nayer: Hey, everyone. It's Melanie, editor of Life Tips. I hope you all are having a great Wednesday. Today, we have a really interesting show to talk to about. It's all about the new craze of the Internet, social networking. Joining us today is Terry McDermott, Director of Marketing for itLinkz Corporation and Linkup network of websites. Welcome, Terry. Terry McDermott: Hi, Melanie. How are you? Melanie: I'm good. How are you? Terry: Great. Melanie: You have a quite interesting setup going on. Tell us a little bit about Linkup. Terry: The parent company is called itLinkz Corporation. Basically, what we're doing under the auspices of itLinkz is setting up a network of vertically-oriented websites with very much of a niche focus in professional, hobby and other special interest categories. What we want to do is provide all of these various tools and functionalities that are so popular throughout the major social networks to more groups with a very specific orientation and let them interact and take advantage of those tools also. So, we have just launched our first website and we are, as I said, building that network. We hope that we provide the opportunity for many different people with very varied interests to participate with others that are interested in the same things they are.

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