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    Byron White: Welcome everyone! Back to Life Tips radio show hoping to make your life better, smarter and more fun. This week we welcome Suzanne Bates on the show to give us some advice, coaching and training on being a leader and an executive in this fast-paced busy environment we all play in on the web here and beyond. So, without further ado, I'm going to turnover things over to my co-host Melanie. How are you Melanie? Melanie Nayer: Oh, I'm great Bryon. Thanks for introducing. How are you? Byron: Take it away! I'm great, reporting here with you and Suzanne for the few minutes! Melanie: Absolutely. I'm here with Suzanne Bates an old friend and colleague of mine who I always enjoy speaking with and working with. Suzanne, are you there? Suzanne Bates: I am. Hi Melanie! Melanie: Hi Suzanne! How are you? Suzanne: Great, thanks for having me on. Melanie: Oh my gosh! Are you kidding me? It's always a pleasure talking to you and let me just give a quick update on who you are to our guests. Suzanne Bates is actually a former television news anchor and reporter for WBZ-TV Boston and also a few affiliates stations in Philadelphia and Tampa, right Suzanne?

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