• Stephen Donovan Visits LifeTips

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    Melanie Nayer: Hello, everybody! Welcome to the Life Tips show today. It's Wednesday, February 7th. Byron and I are hanging out today, coming up with incredibly, entertaining and different ways that you can foster a work-rich environment. Byron is doing this from his apartment. Byron White: Yes, indeed. I have reached the pinnacle of my hockey career, I fear. It maybe time to hang up escapes. I'm currently in the horizontal workforce. I'm laying on my back. So, a little hockey injury earlier in the week. Melanie: That's what happens when you get old, Byron. Byron: Yes. Melanie: Not everything works the same. You should be very careful. Byron: You think this virtual senior league that I'm in will retire my jersey for me? Melanie: I think they’re going to have to. We'll have a ceremony. We'll have a ceremony and people will come... Byron: Hoisted up into the raptors... Melanie: ...and we'll do a whole thing.

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