• SEOs and Fraternities

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    Byron White: Welcome, everyone to the Life Tips radio show. We're happy to have you here. My jaw is dropped. I am stunned. I have just heard the fabulous creative piece that our friends at Webmaster Radio have put together, promoting the Wild Wild West version of the Life Tips radio show. Wow! That was creative. Stephanie, did you hear that? Stephanie O’Shea: Yes, I did. That was also on last week but you were at you were at jury duty last week. Byron: I was putting away a criminal last week, which we can talk about today. Stephanie: Are you allowed to talk about that legally? Byron: But I wanted to welcome everybody to the show today. We're going to take the first part of our show here and invite Stephanie O’Shea, our SEO specialist and star karaoke singer here at Life Tips which we'll also talk about, to join the show today. We're very excited to have you here, Stephanie. Welcome to our radio show. Stephanie: Well, thank you for having me. Byron: So, I had a classic brainstorm as I always do with the team here. By the way, we miss Melanie. She's out today, will join us and be back on track with us next week. We hope she's feeling better. We want to take a look at the response that we get from some of our fans out there. There are just some fantastic websites out there. Stephanie, why don't you kick off this new link segment with some of your fun discoveries over the week of sites that you feel are great and worthy of mention on our show here?

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