• SearchRev CEO Ken Kalb

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    Meredith Medland: You're listening to Webmaster Radio. My name is Meredith Medland. Sitting across from me, is Kenneth Kalb from SearchRev. How are you doing? Kenneth: Meredith, Hi. How are you? Thanks for having me today, I appreciate it. Meredith: You're welcome. Let's get right into it, give me a case study. Kenneth: Well, first of all, I'm the CEO of a company called SearchRev and we are the leading provider of paid search optimization for online advertising companies. What we do is, we help those companies who are interested in advertising online, to double, triple, or quadruple the revenue that they're currently getting from their existing campaigns. We have lots of examples of some of those customers, they include, Yahoo, Safeway, Zazzle, Shutterfly and MotoSport. In particular, companies like Zazzle for example, we've been able to increase their performance by as much as 10% compounded growth rate per month, which we think is quite extraordinary. We're actually the leader in the field. Meredith: That's fantastic. So, if we talk about motosport.com you've got a little information for me here, let's hear about some specifics.

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