• Rick Schwartz and Maurice Tola

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    Monte speaks with two of the industries biggest names: Domain King or Royal Pain? Stick around long enough and you will hear Rick Schwartz described both ways, depending on whom you ask. There seems to be no middle ground when it comes to the 50-year-old domain pioneer from Boca Raton, Florida. People either love him or hate him. The only ones still undecided are those who have never heard of him (if you fall into that category, we urge you to consider moving to a locale with electricity and running water). Plus, Maurice Tola, VP of Sales and Marketing for the SWIDigital.com. SWI Digital is a full-service Multimedia and Advertising Company excelling in Online Marketing, Multimedia, and Search Engine Visibility. They own and operate 30,000 domain names all of which are live sites with thousands of pages of content in specific market segments such as Legal, Medical, and other professional segments.

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