• Rick Latona from DigiPawn and consumptionjunction.com

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    Monte chats with Rick Latona from DigiPawn & consumptionjunction.com. Rick Latona has been in the Internet business since the beginning. He started out at Interland a hosting company for small and medium businesses. During the mid-90s he ran sales and marketing and was actively involved in the venture capital rounds for fund raising. Consumption Junction, later renamed The Sick Site Network now operates many sites and controls over 5 million daily unique visitors. Throughout his Internet career he has been registering and buying domains. He currently owns more than 10,000 .com names and is well known in the industry. Before the Internet business he owned a pawn shop and it was his knowledge of the domain business and the pawn business that led him to the DigiPawn.com idea and his partnership with Matt Collins a well-known attorney in the adult internet business. Rick and Matt now advance cash to domainers in need on a daily basis.

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