• Perfecting Your 2007 PR

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    Melanie Nayer: Hi, everybody! Welcome back to the Life Tips show. Happy New Year, as you just heard from the fabulous cover story. We are going to talk about PR today. But before we get into that, Happy New Year Byron. Byron White: Hey! Mel, Happy New Year. Melanie: Did you have a nice time off? Byron: Another year with Melanie. Melanie: It's going to be fun! Byron: Very excited, yes! I did have a Happy New Year. How about you? Melanie: Everything was great. I'm glad to be back, new year, new possibilities. Byron: Indeed. Melanie: A lot of fun. Byron: It's an exciting year for Life Tips, exciting year for Melanie. Let's go at it and dive right in with our guest. Melanie: ...and an exciting year for you.

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