• Metro Newspapers and Brian Null of golfcourses com

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    Monte chats with Dan Pulcrano, Executive Editor and CEO: Metro Newspapers. Silicon Valley-based Metro Newspapers was founded in 1985 by Dan Pulcrano and David Cohen, veterans of such newspapers as the LA Weekly, Hartford Advocate and San Diego Reader. Later on in the show Monte talks to Brian Null of golfcourses.com. Brian Null is the Founder of Beach Farm Nine, LLC, and handles the business, research, development and property acquisition of the corporation. His past business ventures include the creation and successful operation of OfficeSupply.com, a true eBusiness functioning through 41 distribution centers across the United States, and Logic Blast, Inc., an Internet development company. Brian is a USAF veteran, hails from St. Louis and is an avid golfer. He and his wife, Kim a Veterinary Oncologist with the University of Missouri, Columbia live with their three children in Columbia, MO.

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