• Joe Matthews visits LifeTips

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    Byron White: Hello everyone. Welcome to another edition, another week of LifeTips that help to make your life better, smatter, faster and wiser. Melanie and I thought we would take a couple of minutes here to just tell you just a little a bit about ourselves while we’re waiting for our guest today to join us. You maybe curious to learn a little bit more about us and to see what our vantage point is and where we’re coming from. So, without further adieu, I’m going to interview Melanie Nayer. Melanie, are you there? Melanie Nayer: I am here Byron. Bryon: It’s funny… Melanie: This is going to be incredibly entertaining. Byron: Well, to paint the picture for the fans out there that maybe listening in, Melanie and I are looking at each other through a glass wall. I’m in her office here in Charlestown MA and Melanie is across the way. We’re in an old navy yard over here with… Melanie: I’m still waiting for all 4 walls of my office to be put up.

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