• James Villepigue author of the Body Sculpting Bible

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    Melanie Nayer: Hey, everyone, welcome to this week's Life Tips show. Once again, I'm all alone. Byron is traveling in Chicago for the SES Conference and will be back next week. I'm thinking of changing the name of the show, actually, because you all are hearing me a lot more than you’re hearing from him. But I'm sure that's not the way he wants it. In any case, I am excited for today's show because we're going to be talking about everything fitness for the holidays including physical and emotional fitness, which we all know when it comes to family and the holidays, it can be both emotional and exhausting. With all the food around, we're talking about emotional eating, folks, and it's not pretty. So, my guest today is James Villepigue. We're also going to bring in another guest later this afternoon to talk about emotional fitness in your brainwaves, but I first want to welcome James to the show. Hey, James. James Villepigue: How are you? Melanie: I'm good. How are you? James: I'm doing awesome. Melanie: Good. Our listeners probably know you as the body-sculpting guy and featured trainer for the Regis and Kelly Show but there's more to you.

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