• Inventor of Post-It Notes

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    Byron White: Hello everybody, welcome out here from the Life Tips world. I'm sorry I missed the show last week, the golf show actually. Melanie, do you have some good golf tips for everyone? Melanie Nayer: I do and they can all hear it on the episode's page over at WebmasterRadio, it was a lot of fun. Byron: Well, we all need golf tips for those of us that are golfers out there or think we're golfers. I don't think anybody is a golfer unless you're on a PGA tour. But, yes, it's a fun sport and I understand it was a great show and I look forward to everybody listening to it. We've got an exciting show, let's get right to it. We've got a couple of exciting guests on the show that in the space of invention and we want to get rich quick. So, perhaps we'll pick up some tips on how to create something, market it and take it to the next level. Our first guests if Eric Gibbons, who is the inventor of something called DigiDots which Melanie will get more into and we're very excited to have him on board. He was actually the runner-up of the Staples Invention Quest competition recently and we're very excited to talk with him about that program and what's going on. We also have Mike Nelson joining us today, who's the Vice President of the Staples brand and is going to give us some keen insight, more on the Staples Invention Quest. We may have another guest as well on the show. So, without further ado, Melanie take it over and chime in with Eric.

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