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    LifeTips editor Melanie Nayer gets the dirt on everything from the hottest entertainment links, to the hottest Hollywood gossip. Starting off the hour with Melanie is LifeTips SEO Specialist, Stephanie OShea, who gives us her Top Links of the Week, which include gravesites & American Idol reject petitions. Stephanie offers up her YouTube Video of the week, & gives us a sneak peak at the entertainment news & blogs. Next, aspiring screenwriter Alexis Niki talks about her new book, 101 Screenwriting tips, & offers her expertise & insight from celebrity screenwriter interviews. Then, Melanie is joined by Hollywood casting agents Robyn Owen & Geneva Bray, founds of GVA Boston. GVA Boston opened in January 2007 in Cambridge, Mass., seeking to bring more films to the New England area. Geneva is responsible for launching the careers of Eva Longoria, Sean Hayes, & many others. Robyn is a prominent independent Casting Director in the film industry with over 11 years in experience.

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