• Email Etiquette with Peter Post & Maggie Mistal

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    Melanie Nayer: Good afternoon everybody. It’s Melanie, editor of Life Tips. I’m here today on November 15th by myself because Byron is in Las Vegas, probably gambling away my raise. But actually he’s out in Vegas doing some speaking conferences, so it’s all about me and my guest today. I’m excited to talk about this topic today.. We’ve got some great guests who are joining us. I If you are a news junkie like me who's probably been watching a little bit of the news this week, where we are announcing the new World Wonders. Webmasters are rejoicing today because the Internet was just named the 5th New Wonder of the World by the team of researchers, philosophers, writers and scientists. It’s certainly not the pyramids or the polar ice caps and it is a bit unorthodox seeing as how the Internet is not a physical object. But the Internet is in fact wonderment in itself and it created a new form of communicating with others and a new platform for businesses. Just like all the other wonders of the world, there is something very magical about the Internet in its own way. The Internet allows us to predict the future by providing information that propels us in forward-thinking movements. With the help of the Internet, business owners and innovators alike are able to stay on top of trends and jump ahead of their competition with the click of a mouse. So it's no surprise at all that the Internet has jumped into a new Wonder of the World countdown.

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