• Dr Kathy Seifert talks about Online Predators

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    Melanie Nayer: Hey, everybody. Welcome to today’s Life Tips show. It is February 28th, Wednesday. Today, we are talking about some pretty exciting and probably, controversial things. Byron is with me today. How are you? Byron White: Fabulous, Melanie. How are you today? Melanie: I’m doing well. What’s happening over in your world? Byron: Well, just training new employees and growing. Melanie: Very exciting, the Life Tips’ team is growing. Byron: Yes, indeed. It is exciting, very exciting. So, how’s the stock market doing today? Melanie: So, on today’s show, Byron, we are talking about online safety and child protection, which in our world is very essential as we are Internet-focused and all of our listeners are Internet-focused. It’s a pretty controversial issue as well and you having a young child yourself, how do you feel about stuff like this? Byron: Scared… Melanie: Yes. Byron: …and blinded. I feel like I’m trying to be a parent with blinders on, not knowing how to…what the right strategy is with regards to predators online. It’s scaring and it’s really a sensitive topic.

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