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    Melanie Nayer: Hey, everybody. Welcome back to Life Tips radio show. Today, we are talking about everything environmental, green, holistic and healthy. My guest today is Crissy Trask, the green living celebrity guru here at LifeTips.com. Crissy, are you there? Crissy Trask: I am. Melanie: How are you, Crissy? Crissy: I'm fine. Melanie: Thanks so much for joining us today. Crissy is the sole proprietor of GreenMatters.com a business, which was started in 1999 to advance environmental education and activism online. Tell us a little bit about what's going on, Crissy. Crissy: Well, I just come out with our book called It's Easy Being Green. It's a handbook for earth-friendly living. It's a little bit different than other green books. This book addresses some of the reasons that people don't do more to lighten their impact and get active reasons like people are busy. They think they don't have the time that they don't recognize many of their opportunities to change if they lack the knowledge and the resources to solve problems directly. So, instead of just telling people what they can do, I wanted a book to give people sound reasons to plan their resources to help them follow through on improvements.

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