• Byron and Melanie talk to Neil Fiore, PhD

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    Melanie: Hey, everybody, welcome to Life Tips. This is Melanie Nayer, Editor of Life Tips. I'm hanging out with Byron. Byron, what's happening over there? Byron: Hey, Mel, how are you today? Melanie: I'm good. How's everything? Byron: Just moving along. Melanie: Do you want to hear about the new Pseudo Wall in my office? Byron: Well, sure, share the construction… Melanie: Byron, in all his creativity tried to make shift a wall for me because in my office, I have this big open hole that echoes throughout all of Charlestown it seems like, so in…because being the boss that he is, install a door from outside. Byron: It's all about solving problems, Melanie. We may have created a few problems with this short-term solution but... Melanie: I love it. Byron: …we gave it our best shot.

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