• Breast Cancer Awareness

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    Melanie Nayer: Hey, everybody! Welcome to the Life Tips radio show this Wednesday, October 11th. Today, we are talking about Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is obviously in October. We're going to have some great guests on today, one of them being the Chicken Soup for the Breast Cancer Survivor's Soul Author and the other, a Life Tips Expert Guru and also an author herself, Barbara Phillips. So, we want to start today…I’m going to talk to both of these women about their stories, their books, their activities and their writing. Then we’re going to bring Byron in and have everybody talk a little bit together about what’s happening and what’s going on. So, let’s start first with Mary Olsen Kelly. Mary, are you there? Mary Olsen Kelly: Yes, I am. Hi. Melanie: Hi, how are you? Mary: I’m great and it’s wonderful to be here. Melanie: Oh, it’s wonderful to have you here. How’s Hawaii? Mary: Well, I’m actually in California today. I live in Hawaii but I’m in the middle of a promotional tour for my two books. One of them is Chicken Soup for the Breast Cancer Survivor’s Soul and the other is called the #1 Best Tools and Tips from the Trenches of Breast Cancer.

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