• Behind The Scenes of American Idol

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    Melanie Nayer: Hello, everybody. Welcome to the Life Tips show. We are excited today to talk about latest phenomenon for the past 6 seasons, American Idol and getting tips from some of the biggest music gurus in the industry today on ways to really promote your American Idol as voice and sound and entertainment meant factor. So, I'm excited because I'm going to try to get Byron to sing for us which will be fun. Right, Byron? Byron White: Not going to happen, Melanie. Melanie: I think, it will. Byron: For starters, we need a lot more time with our guest host today, who's a voice… Melanie: But definitely that wouldn't really good idea. She can coach us together. Byron: Well, this is an exciting show. Melanie, give me your thoughts on American Idol. Did you watch the show religiously like everybody else in America, seemingly? Melanie: No, I don't. But I'm happy to say that I got a great little run down today from our Life Tips team, Stephanie and John, who filled me in on all of the American Idol seasons over the past few years. But of course, I will now be an avid watcher because I'm completely addicted to everything they've been telling me today.

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